Inpiring Blind Faith Quotes

Inspiring 20 Blind Faith Quotes & Sayings

Blind faith could be defined variously. There is a two-way philosophy behind blind faith. One could explain the term blind faith in a positive way while the other could explain it in a negative way. The term blind faith could sometimes be associated with political affairs and sometimes with religious thoughts. As far as the political perspective, sometimes we blindly believe in our political leaders and they destroy our trust. When there are is an election the political leaders are promising so many things but when they win, all their promises just vanish simultaneously. That is also a kind of blind faith for the common people because they have believed and trusted that leader and after the election, nothing remains.

Blind Faith Quotes
Blind Faith Quotes

On the other side if we talk about religious thoughts which is also a part of blind faith. There comes a large number of perspectives, some scholars of the Jewish community say that the reward of blind faith is to see what you believed in. In this mortal world, it is completely impossible because there are certain things that the human eye cannot see them. God has forbidden human eyes or the human eyes do not have the power to accept or tolerate that specific thing. The term blind faith could also be defined in the circle of our society. You can have blind faith in yourself, in humanity, neighbors, or could be someone else around the globe. In this article we are going to bring you a beautiful collection of quotes about blind faith, may these quotes inspire you and a source of your knowledge, please have a look at them below:

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Faith is not a crime. Blind obedience should be. Too many years wasted in strict adherence to fabricated laws could damn a religion to oblivion.

Art invites us to know beauty and to solicit it, summon it, from even the most tragic of circumstances.

The human act of blind faith, whether in a god or man, is both noble and tragic. Tragic, because it demands the sacrifice of the very essence of our intellect – the ability to question.

The food business is very tough, but there’s also a lot of love and very giving.

Religion exists to instill false security and blind faith,

I’m like a beast. I just take it out on the track.

Right now, a kiss is the going rate for near-death experiences. It’s kind of a point system.

Science does nothing for man spiritually, and organized religion demands blind faith in illogical liturgy that was never meant to be taken literally! 

Actresses require protection in their art from blind abuse, from savage criticism. Their work is their religion, if they are seeking the best in their art, and to abuse that faith is to rob them, to dishonor them.

I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.

Blind Faith Love Quotes

Blind Faith Quotes
Blind Faith Quotes

Blind faith in love requires a big and strong heart. Love is not just saying the three magical words but its is something to understand. Love is not something to demand but to sacrifice many things if you love someone bad enough. Love will not give you single permission to hurt the one you love but it will force you to take care of the person you love. And finally, love is not a blind process but love does not need to see. Sometimes you will have to trust blindly the person you love because if you did not you may lose your love. And here is a possibility that you can enforce the faith by a reason because sometimes when faith in love becomes blind it dies forever.

Many people are out there who have been deceived in love saying that they now believe the thought of love is blind. Because they have given their heart to someone who never deserved it. That’s why these people frequently say that they a person like their love and that’s was why they start believing that love is blind. Some experts have also stated that in faith there is enough light for those people who blindly trust and also enough shadows to blind those people who do not trust. In this article we are going to bring you a beautiful collection of blind faith in love quotes that might help you and could also inspire you, please have a look at them below:

Avenues – television, magazines, movies, music, friends, malls, and catalogs, to name a few. A steady diet of these worldly influences will shape our view of what is valuable, what is beautiful, and what is important in life

Friendship is like love at its best; not blind but sympathetically all-seeing; a support which does not wait for understanding; an act of faith which does not need, but always has, reason.

We don’t love each other; we love the idea we have of each other. Very few humans understand this or can bear to contemplate it. They have blind faith in their own powers of creation. All love, ultimately, is self-love.

Just as Pollock used the drip to meld process and product, Richter ‘found’ and used the smudge and the blur to ravish the eye, creating works of psychic and physical power

I’m the last in the line of Russells and Chamberlains.

Love, like a chicken salad or restaurant hash, must be taken with blind faith or it loses its flavor.

It’s in our blind trust that love will find us, just like it has before.

The humanitarian would, of course, have us meddle in foreign affairs as part of his program of world service.

Happiness is often at its most intense when it is based on inequality.

Love surely is said to be blind but at times it takes blind turns.