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As we discussed before that sometimes we trust people and then they betray us. This sometimes results in us start hating these people but there are a lot of people who ignore all this process and move on.  Because when you veil someone’s faults and errors the Almighty will veil your faults and mistakes. Because this is the sign of a successful person when they trust someone without doubt or fear or a reservation, so if they find these people trustworthy they start liking them but if they didn’t find these people trustworthy they then start working on a Plan B.

But there are a lot of negative thoughts about the reservation because some philosophical and wise men say that people who have good behavior and merits need to be rewarded but those people having zero merits need to be insulted. We have concluded a list of some of the famous quotes about reservation please have a look at.

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Quotes Against Caste Reservation

Quotes Against Caste Reservation
Quotes Against Caste Reservation

As we believe that world has made on the three major principles Faith Discipline and Unity. we are all human beings and every human being should have equal right to live, express, flourish, love, and religious or faith. Because there is no caste in blood. Therefore we should not blame anyone on their religion, caste or tradition, instead, we should love and respect each other and that’s why we have concluded a list of some famous quotes please have a look at.

When I trust someone I do it without doubt or fear or reservation. And then I work on a Plan B.

I am a zero on the rez. And if you subtract zero from zero, you still have zero. So what’s the point of subtracting when the answer is always the same?

Respect for all, reward for the worthy, reservation for none.

He had seen the same mixture of exhaustion and fight in Russell’s face. It was the poison of war spreading its sickness.

Men with merit need to be rewarded, but men without merit need not be insulted.

Mediocrity naturally feels threatened in the presence of merit.

A job should be given to those who deserve it, not those who demand it.

They say, “Fuck it,” not to everything in life, but rather to everything unimportant in life. They reserve their fucks for what truly matters. Friends. Family. Purpose. Burritos. And an occasional lawsuit or two.

You have grudged the very fire in your house because the wood cost overmuch!” he cried. “You have grudged life. To live cost overmuch, and you have refused to pay the price. Your life has been like a cabin where the fire is out and there are no blankets on the floor.” He signaled to a slave to fill his glass, which he held aloft. “But I have lived. And I have been warm with life as you have never been warm. It is true, you shall live long. But the longest nights are the cold nights when a man shivers and lies awake. My nights have been short, but I have slept warm

Yes, we have to seek redemption! Redemption from the divisive politics based on caste and religion, redemption from the corruption which is eating our lives like termites, redemption from misery of poverty, redemption from the sins of our venal politicians. We need good governance and accountability. An individual has to fight for the things he rightfully deserves. People do not need crutches of any kind if the basic conditions of nation are conducive to their growth. It’s ridiculous; people are first deprived of basic amenities, denied their dues and then offered carrots to benefit the vote bank politics.

Quotes against reservation system

Quotes Against Reservation System
Quotes Against Reservation System

A reservation system could be defined as a system in which people belonging to a high-class family are considered superior over others or they might be given some extra preference over others. In some states, those peoples who belongs to some higher background considered high class peoples as compared to others. But this is called an unfair system because of a system should treat everyone with respect in should reward according to their abilities. But unfortunately, nowadays many states are ignoring the poor people, and the state provides more opportunities to the high-class families rather than the middle ones.

In such states, the worthy people do not get their reward. And here is a clear example of this nowadays in Pakistan because if you look at the government vacancies, a lot of the candidates submitted their documents to get a job and after these criteria, they got a rejection because all the vacancies are already booked. On the this basis we have concluded a list of some famous quotes please have a look at.

In the end, all we had were the people to whom we were beholden.

It’s always questionable to intervene decisively in strange circumstances.

Sometimes, when a person gains a lot of success at a very young age, they become targets, and it’s really easy to follow the crowds and not make independent decisions based on truly how you feel.

Can we really believe that we are living a good life, an ethically decent life if we don’t do anything serious to help reduce poverty around the world and help save the lives of children or adults who are likely to die if we don’t increase the amount of aid we are giving.

The energy of the universe is constant.

Eleanor Marx was a pragmatic person of actions and deeds and she was an organizer

 I am determined to seek self-sufficiency in energy as an urgent national priority. My goal is to make America independent of foreign energy sources by 1985